What’s In a scene: Danny Collins

danny-collins-al-pacinoWhat’s In a scene: Danny Collins
Danny Collins passed by last year without too much attention perhaps. Al Pacino plays a rock star. Bobby Cannavale plays his son. It’s based on a true story.
Pacino has, in my opinion, one great scene in the film which made it all worthwhile for me. It is a small, but important kind of moment in the life spectrum – a scene of preparation – before something very important happens.
I won’t say ‘spoiler alert’ and describe it here. Sorry. I will just say that the scene and what follows it illustrate that there are different kinds of scenes, movie moments which need to be framed in different ways.
You may not discover how a scene needs to be constructed within a script until you it. Or you may know before you start writing what the shape has to be.

And… I have a one week class next week — Scene Writing Intensive — all about different kinds of scenes, how they function within a script structure. We’ll discuss that scene in Danny Collins and many more. http://ow.ly/i/jvg4Q


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